The film festival circuit

Last weekend, our film “Born in Goma” played in North Carolina. I could not attend but Tom and Elizabeth, my parents-in-law, were there. The following is a description written by them about their experience:

“We truly enjoyed the opportunity to represent your film Born in Goma at the Asheville Cinema Festival. We must confess that attending the festival was different for us and fun. We had a free pass to view all the films which included movie features and a variety of short film programs including animated films and documentaries. There were even filmmaker workshops. The festival was sponsored by the Asheville Cinema Society and was well organized and well attended.

Born in Goma was shown at the Mt. Hermon Masonic Lodge in a horseshoe shaped room with a large screen. It was shown under the Unique Lives Documentary Block and was followed by a twelve minute documentary called Odysseus’ Gambit. We were excited to see the audience arrive. The executive director of the festival introduced us and spoke briefly about the documentaries. He explained that of numerous entries he chose Born in Goma because it had touched him on an emotional level. He said that the two documentaries were done in very different styles.

Once the viewing of Born in Goma began the audience witnessed the Goma reality that you and Lisa experienced at the Heal Africa Hospital. They followed the lives of the three patients you featured in the film. Tom and I had seen the documentary numerous times but it was more striking to see it on a larger screen. We know the audience was moved and were glad to hear their applause. During the Q/A session, we described briefly your purpose in making the film and answered numerous questions from the audience. It was a great experience for us to witness the acknowledgement of your film.”


2 Responses to “The film festival circuit”

  1. sangita Says:

    congratulations, Chris, Lisa and Kids.

  2. Francisco Acosta Says:

    Great job buddy!

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