A day to remember

Over two years ago, I stepped foot in Goma with a small camera. I planned to capture the lives of my patients on film to show my friends and family the struggles and triumphs of Congolese children. I had no training in documentary filmmaking so I had very low expectations for my project.

Yesterday, I had an unexpected experience. My film “Born in Goma” had its world premiere at the Chicago International Social Change Film Festival.

I was scheduled for the last viewing of the festival and it seemed many people were ready to head home. At 6:30PM, I stood by the entrance chatting with a few friends. The theater was empty…. Then, around 6:40PM, people began streaming into the theater. Couple after couple filed in for many minutes. I felt an immediate sense of relief that people were interested in the topic!

When my film first flashed on the screen, my pulse nearly doubled. I was nervous. The images I spent thousands of hours putting together were being shown in High Definition on a 50 foot screen. However, when the first scene rolled and the audio came on, I settled into my seat and relaxed.

For the next 48 minutes, the stories of Isaac, Gisele and Dieume unfolded and the audience responded very positively. After the credits rolled, I walk to the front of the theater and was greeted with a loud applause.

Shivers ran down my spine.



6 Responses to “A day to remember”

  1. Sangita Says:

    Congratulations, Chris. I wish, I was there to give you a standing ovation.

  2. Elizabeth Says:

    Fantastic! You nurtured “Born in Goma” from an idea to now a world premier. Delighted to hear about the audience’s positive response and your moving experience. Due to the quality of your work I know your future viewings will be as successful as this one.

  3. Kim Williams Says:

    A positive response for positive work done. Way to make a difference!

  4. Tim Z Falconer Says:

    Congratulations, Chris! It’s hard to tell from the photo, are you growing a beard?

  5. Jennifer Lynn Voight Says:

    That blog alone made me tear up! I wish I could have been there for the screening. Please let me know if it comes to California. You have been such a blessing. Congratulations!

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