Using all of my options

It is a well known fact that my daughter likes my wife the most. When we arrive home from work, Gaby runs by me and jumps into Lisa’s arms. When Gaby falls or hurts herself, I feel the rush of air as she runs to mama for comfort.

About a week ago, something unusual happened. Gaby ran to my lap, climbed-up and started repeatedly kissing me. She went back-and-forth, one cheek after the other, for about 60 seconds. Then, she reached over to my right hand and pulled the cup of freshly squeezed juice to her mouth.

Huh, that was a fairly well planned trick to get a quick tasty drink.

Many fathers may feel a bit rejected. She was not interested in hanging-out with me. She just wanted to get at my drink.

Well, not me! I saw this as an opportunity.

Now, If I am awake, I’ve got a beverage in my hand. The novelty may wear-off, but for now, I’ve got a new best friend.


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