A different approach

If you go back in time and read my blogs from last year, you will see that I had a contentious relationship with the nurses. At first they didn’t trust me. Subsequently, I was always frustrated with them.

Fortunately, this trip things are better. Each day before work, I hug each nurse and give them a kiss on the cheek (French style, which is the normal greeting). They always smile and ask how the kids are doing.

Then during the workday, the nurses often ask questions or bring kids for me to evaluate. I, in turn, frequently involve them in cases with interesting findings or novel treatment plans.

Probably the most important change I made was simply socializing with them. During my downtime I often sit at the nursing station and chat. We talk about life, kids, food, dreams or anything else that is on their minds.

Finally, we are a more cohesive team.


3 Responses to “A different approach”

  1. Jennifer Lynn Voight Says:

    Relationships are crucial internally as well as externally… As an event coordinator, I’m always trying to improve the internal relationships of the staff. Keep up the positive work – inside and out! 🙂

  2. Tim Z Falconer Says:

    Hah! You make it sound like it was all your fault! 🙂 Thanks for the plethora of blog posts lately. You’re inspiring me again. 🙂

  3. maryle22 Says:

    Good for you Chris! A lesson ALL docs should learn early in their careers! Miss you guys! Hope all is well in Haiti and hope I get to see you soon there!

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