Room for improvement

I have discussed some of the many ways our care has improved over the last year. This weekend we discovered an area where we need to focus some more efforts: procurement of supplies.

On Saturday, we ran out of many antibiotics. We had no ampicillin, ceftriaxone, penicillin, amoxicillin, bactrim and a slew of others. To deal with the crisis, most families gathered money from all potential sources and purchased them at an outside pharmacy.

This morning I arrived and found a three year-old patient lying on the exam table. He was motionless with a dusky color. He did not look good.

As I hurried over, the father said to me, “We arrived last night and he was sick. I didn’t have any money to buy medicines but it is coming. It should be here in a few minutes. Can you just help him live for a few more minutes?”

I reached down and felt his cool body. He had no pulse and his pupils were fixed and dilated. He was beginning to stiffen…… He had been dead for a while.

When I told the father, he fell to the floor and sobbed.


One Response to “Room for improvement”

  1. Jennifer Lynn Voight Says:

    That breaks my heart… I will pray that medicine is there when needed.

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