A slew of little ones

Over the past two weeks, we have had a handful of babies born at least two months premature. A couple in particular have been difficult to keep alive.

One was born at home and did not come to the hospital until he was one week old. By that time, he had a severe blood infection and was dehydrated. We worked aggressively for a few days giving antibiotics, oxygen and fluids. Fortunately, he is now doing fairly well. His weight is up 200 grams!

The second one was born in the hospital. She was doing fine for the first few days of life but when we started feeding her, she began to have spells of apnea (not breathing). One week ago, her mother frantically called me to the bedside. When I arrived, I was a bit surprised. Just minutes before the child was fine and now she was as blue as a smurf and not breathing. When I placed my stethoscope on her chest, I could only hear 20 or so beats per minute. We scrambled around and started a resuscitation. Lo and behold, after about five minutes, she was pink and breathing on her own.


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