A stunning midnight swim

As I was just finishing a swim last evening, I felt a horrific pain on the left side of my body. I jumped out of the water, screamed a little, reached down to my left chest and felt an enormous jellyfish. I grabbed it forcefully threw it as far as I could.

As I stumbled to the shore, the pain intensified. It was so bad I could not think correctly. I felt my chest swelling and saw the redness spreading. I made my way to my apartment, opened the door and asked loudly for help. My friend John, Lisa and the nanny ran to my side.

Over the next hour, I paced back and forth, soaked myself in urine (unfortunately, not my own), showered in vinegar and spread shaving cream all over. I took motrin, an antihistamine, a benzo and dramamine.

Finally, after two hours, the pain decreased to a tolerable level.

Below is a picture taken after the swelling and redness started to fade.


3 Responses to “A stunning midnight swim”

  1. Sangita Says:


  2. Jennifer Lynn Voight Says:

    OMG! Glad you are OK!

  3. Francisco Acosta Says:

    that could of ended really badly, wow buddy, it is time to find some sort of private club. I am just happy you are o.k.

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