A good omen

Things have not always worked out perfectly for me in Haiti. However, my luck may be changing. Within the past 24 hours, three nice things have happened:

-I went grocery shopping at the local store. When I returned home, I could not find a case of Gatorade. I figured one of the clerks forgot to pack it in my car so I promptly went back and told them about the missing items. Within minutes, they gave me another case. No questions asked. Unfortunately, a few hours after getting back home, I found the “missing” case. Our nanny placed it in the closet by accident. I went back to the store and thanked them for their great customer service (and paid them).

-We had a car lent to us. When we received it, the owner said it would take about two thousand dollars to get it in running order. Then we had a mechanic look at it….and…..he fixed it for 200 bucks.

-Two nurses from the hospital just showed up at our apartment with a beautiful bouquet of flowers. It is a “Thank you” gift for our work.


One Response to “A good omen”

  1. Jennifer Lynn Voight Says:

    Glad to see you back with your wife and kids. Hope your good luck continues!

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