What a difference

Three weeks ago I was struggling to find basic supplies as chidren were dying of preventable diseases. I often felt as though I was working in the 1800s.

These days I work in an enormous children’s hospital. I care for girls with kidney transplants who go to school, have birthday parties, play sports and have boyfriends. I examine little boys who are recovering from extensive brain surgery that can walk and talk normally. I discharge teenagers with horrible heart disease that are still doing “normal teenage stuff”.

That is not all for the drastic changes! Many times per day, I walk past robots strolling the hallways delivering supplies to various departments. Yes, I am working side-by-side with little mechanical beings.

We’re not in Haiti anymore.


One Response to “What a difference”

  1. Sangita Says:

    You have very well known and understood the plight of a concerned and devoted physician in a developing country and what does it feel to be in the US!!

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