It’s been a while

On Christmas day, I said goodbye to my family and headed back to the United States. Leaving Lisa was hard. Leaving Tristan and Gaby was nearly impossible.

After an all-day itinerary, I arrived in Northern California. For the next week, my parents, brother (and his family), grandparents and I relaxed and ate. Not much else.

Last night I arrived in Boston and moved into my new apartment. It is “cozy” but fits my needs. I will start working tomorrow morning at a local Children’s hospital. I am excited to have medicines, equipment and staff.

So what’s the plan? I will work on-and-off in Boston for the next six months with trips to Haiti every 5-6 weeks to see the family. Then I will start working in Haiti again full-time in July. In other words, I’ve gotta pay the bills for now and then get back to international work in a few months.

I will continue to blog. Some will be about my experiences in Boston but many will be about my time in Haiti. I still have many stories to tell that will be better after some time for reflection.


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