Unexpected time off

We are given a week vacation every two months. My plan was to extend work until the week before Christmas, working nine weeks straight, and then take the week off before Christmas to extend the holiday season. However last week, I hit my burned-out phase, and just took my time off.

Everything worked-out perfectly. Lisa’s parents, Tom and Elizabeth, came to visit and we were without any constraints.

The moment Lisa’s parents arrived, we were showered with gifts from them and my parents. We received two suitcases full of essentials for the house and baby stuff. The highlights were fun toys, great books and adorable clothes.

Then, last Wednesday, we jumped in the car and headed north to the beach resort town of Cap Haitien. I made a rookie father mistake and failed to book a hotel before leaving, but after searching for a few hours, we finally found a great place to lay our heads.

For the next three days, we sat around the beach, ate steak and lobster, played with the kids, took short drives, and talked with other travelers.

Now I am ready to go back to work and finish out my stint.

Opening all of our presents from both sets of grandparents

Hanging out with Lisa's mom in the Cap Haitien hotel

Tristan playing with his new toys

Eating on the beach

Trying on new clothes

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