I’m thankful for a good night sleep

My daughter, Gaby, did not start out sleeping well last night. She was tossing and turning, and couldn’t sleep for longer than 20-30 minutes. I tried many things to calm her down but nothing worked.

Then, around 1am, I found the trick when she stuck her hand into my mouth. I just left it there and she immediately fell asleep. Something about the warmth was comforting to her. When she woke-up at 3:30, she did the same and was quickly back to sleep.

It seems a little weird but I’ll do anything to have a restful night!


2 Responses to “I’m thankful for a good night sleep”

  1. Morgan Says:

    Haha! Great visual…so cute and definitely had me laughing out loud. I am so happy for you guys, Chris!!

  2. Kathy Champion Says:

    You are truly a Dad now. 🙂

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