A precious gift

Yesterday, a very sick 11 year-old girl came to the hospital with severe respiratory distress, full-body swelling and pallor. Something, likely an infection, caused her to become severely anemic and she was not far from death.

We needed to act quickly. Lisa, a lab technician and one of the top administrators rallied together, found blood in a nearby hospital and sent an ambulance to pick it up. Within hours of the patient’s arrival, she was receiving her proper treatment.

When I walked through the door of the hospital today, I looked over and saw our once moribund patient sitting-up, eating and smiling. Her mother motioned for me to come close. Crouched down on a knee, she handed me a bunch of bananas and said, “Thank you very, very much for saving my daughter’s life.”

I had to fight back tears as I accepted her offering.


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