The second best dad ever

Michael has been in a coma from a severe brain infection for nearly two months. Despite his horrendous disease he appears well nourished and doesn’t have a bedsore on his body. This is because his father, Sanford, feeds him via tube every four hours, constantly gives him physical therapy and turns him every one hour without fail. He is an amazing parent!

As I have come to know Sanford, I have developed a tremendous amount of respect for him. But I have also begun to take advantage of his intelligence, dedication and warm personality.

Every child I admit that is critically ill or in need of feeding via tube, I place in a bed next to Michael. As I am writing the orders, I introduce Sanford to the new care-giver and ask him “Can you help this mother with (feeding or general care)?”

He always responds, “Yes” and within minutes he is teaching them the basics.

As of now, Sanford has assisted me with five patients. His care has helped at least two of them survive.


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