The real deal

A few weeks ago I met Heather, an American woman who founded a nearby orphanage. She seemed extremely enthusiastic about helping people and said, “Call us anytime for anything.”

Within a few days I was taking her up on her offer. Obenson, the patient I told you about on September 29th, needed a home. Just a few hours after making the call, Heather arrived with a van and welcoming committee of 10 other young boys.

Today, I asked her to come in and speak with a mother wishing to give her twins up for adoption. However, when Heather arrived, I needed help with a few other sick kids. She, along with her staff, stayed for six hours helping keep other kids fed and alive.

Around 4PM, as they were preparing to leave, I said, “Boy, you are going to regret ever offering to help me. But there is a 70ish year-old woman outside that was abandoned by her family. She has been sleeping on the rocks for nearly a week and has no food or water. Could you talk with her to see if there is anything you can do?”

She immediately approached the elderly woman, spoke with her for a few minutes and said, “You’re coming to live with us!”

They all loaded up in the vehicle and rode off into the sunset.


One Response to “The real deal”

  1. Kim Williams Says:

    So nice to think of that old woman getting a good meal & a place to sleep – thank you for sharing this.

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