A depressing sight: the land of tubes

Each day I care for patients in Room A, B and C. Room A is occupied by up to eight older children, Room B has up to 10 infants or toddlers and Room C is a mishmash of ages with a capacity of three patients.

As usual, I began my day in room A. There were only four patients but all of them were extremely sick. One came in with a severe brain infection and is constantly having seizures. Another has Typhoid Fever and is in a coma. The other two have advanced HIV and are so weak they can barely move. Nobody in the room can eat and they all require feeding through a tube.

When I finished Room A, I felt drained and depressed. Nobody has a strong chance at survival.

I think I will transfer one of the toddlers to room A just so I can instill a little hope into the room.


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