A little respite

I flew back to the US last night and am at home in San Leandro for a few days.

As I stepped foot in the Miami airport, I ordered a tall glass of cold Sam Adams beer. I cannot describe how wonderful that first sip tasted. It felt as though everything was bright with little fairies flying around.

When I arrived in San Francisco at midnight, my parents picked me up and we drove home. Upon arriving, I went straight to the shower. Wow….the feeling of hot water on my skin was fantastic. I stood under the faucet for 30 minutes. Afterwards, I climbed into my old bed. pulled-up the sheets and closed my eyes. The familiar fragrances and the absolute quiet was perfectly relaxing.


2 Responses to “A little respite”

  1. sangita Says:


  2. Francisco Acosta Says:

    Great to have you back at our high school stomping grounds! Enjoy being home my friend!

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