A funny trend

Over the past few weeks, many of the PIH support staff have approached me and asked for a favor. My driver wanted me to see his one year-old with cough. The cook asked that I examine her 14 year-old with abdominal pain. The security guard was concerned about his 9 month-old’s umbilical hernia. An administrative assistant had a toddler with an itchy rash.

Each case was simple and required very little time. However, during each consultation, I made an ally/advocate that is willing to help me with my work at the hospital. Putting in a little effort now will likely pay dividends (with patient care) in the future.


One Response to “A funny trend”

  1. Megan FitzGerald Says:

    Hi Dr. Carpenter, I googled pediatricians in St. Marc’s Haiti and this blog came up. I am an American pediatric NP new here in St Marc’s working with HandinHandinHaiti to set up a school health clinic for the new school being built here in St. Marc. I am looking for local pediatricians for contacts for our school. I am wondering if you are available to talk or meet with. Sincerely, Megan FitzGerald

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