Finally, a great day

When I arrived today, the halls were filled with patients. One had so much fluid in his abdomen it was pressing up on his lungs causing him severe pain and trouble breathing. A newborn was blue because we ran out of oxygen and another was having continuous seizures.

We strapped on our work boots and got plugging away. The nurses rallied around us and began helping. We got oxygen and the blue baby turned pink. We gave the correct medicine to the convulsing baby and he stabilized. I stuck an enormous needle into the lower abdomen of my kid with the collection of fluid. A geyser of yellow liquid shot into the air as his abdomen decompressed. With simple, quick interventions, they all stabilized.

After we took care of the emergencies, we examined all of the inpatients. As we saw each, they all reported being better than yesterday. His vomiting had stopped, her diarrhea slowed down, he was waking up, her leg was better, he was eating. The icing on the cake was the kid with Kwashiorkor was alive, his swelling was down and he was starting to get more energy.

As I left the hospital for the day there was a little pep in my step. I was happy, smiling and talkative. It was nice to have a great day.


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