Hitting a milestone

This is my 500th post and I recently surpassed 22,500 hits! Thank you everyone for following over the past two years. In particular, I would like to thank mom, dad, grandma, Ole, Tom and Elizabeth for their unwavering support.

I would also like to show my appreciation to a few friends for their comments. The leader in this department is Francisco Acosta (a friend from high school). He recently posted his 131st comment. Others on top of the list are Mercy (the mother of a former patient), Sangita (a pediatric colleague currently in New York), and Tim (a friend from the Bay Area).


5 Responses to “Hitting a milestone”

  1. sangita Says:

    Hearty Congratulations, Chris.
    Wishing you many more milestones in desired fields of life.

  2. Francisco Acosta Says:

    No problem! Keep saving the world one person at a time!

  3. Mercy/Kique Says:

    Thanks Chris, for your acknowledgement. I keep your former colleagues abreast of your courageous efforts in helping the less fortunate. Rebecca Gates and Kanwar always ask for you. I am still on the Family Advisory Council and try to lead by your example. Keep Safe. Mercy

  4. Andrew Kinkella Says:

    Hey Chris,
    Congrats on the 500th post – I actually check in on your posts about once a week or so partly because I knew you from childhood, but mostly because your writing is evocative and touching. I was wondering – I teach a cultural anthropology class of 120 students (at Moorpark College), and we discuss issues of health in the third world – would you mind if I release your website address to them? They would just be required to visit your site and read a few posts to aid in class discussion (not reply to you). If you are uncomfortable in any way with this, please let me know (we will not be talking about third world health for another 2 months or so).
    Stay strong, and keep practicing creole (I know Belizean Creole pretty well, but can’t imagine the difficulties of creole with a French mix…)
    Andrew Kinkella

    • chriscarpentermd Says:

      Hey Andrew,

      Great to hear from you. How is your family?

      My goal in keeping the blog is to motivate people to help others. I want to paint a realistic view of the struggles but also highlight the successes. So, the more readers the better. Also, if your students have any comments, please encourage them to post. I always like to hear about other experiences, opinions or perspectives.

      Have a nice weekend,


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