The bright side

Despite some difficult circumstances this week we had a number of bright spots. Among the children we helped are:

-A two year-old with asthma. I originally thought he would die but he turned around fairly quickly.

-An 18 month-old with meningitis. On day two of the hospitalization, she was sitting-up in bed eating breakfast.

-A four year-old who presented in a coma with cerebral malaria or encephalitis. He just miraculously woke-up on day three of the hospitalization.

-A neonate with bacterial sepsis. She went from limp to normal in a few days.

-An eight month-old (that appears to be 2 months-old) with severe dehydration from diarrhea. She was alert and active on day three.

-A three month-old with severe anemia (hemoglobin of 2). We fought very hard to keep this child alive and yesterday he was discharged home with two very happy parents.


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