After throwing a beautiful wedding and enjoying a dream three week honeymoon, I have become bit frugal and begun to worry about money. International medicine does not pay much, especially when you are volunteering!

One way I have saved a little cash is by walking everywhere. Boston is a great walking city, with few hills and the weather has been great.

Upon finishing one of my long walks, someone said, “What… just walked over five miles to save two bucks?”

I responded, “Yes, I just walked for one and a half hours to save very little money. But that’s not the main point. The next time I want to buy a soda for three dollars or a meal for thirty, I will remember how hard I worked to save two bucks and get something cheaper.”

Let’s see how long this lasts.


One Response to “Cheapskate”

  1. sangita Says:

    In addition to saving money, you also keep yourself physically fit. In a forced manner, though.

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