Dobrodošli to Croatia

Two days ago we arrived in Croatia and checked-in a nice resort called the Excelsior on the Adriatic Sea. The hotel’s first floor is on the street level and the remaining floors spiral down the cliff toward the water below.

For greater than 48 hours, Lisa and I have not left the hotel. In the morning, we have a luxurious breakfast buffet on a balcony overlooking the Roman city of Dubrovnik. Our afternoon is spent lying on the “ocean patio”, soaking in the sun and swimming in the cool water. As the day winds down, we head to the piano bar, sip a cold Ožujsko (Croatian beer) and watch the 100-150 million dollar yachts of the stars and royalty roll into the bay. Finally, for dinner we feast on dishes such as homemade ravioli with truffles, sit just feet from the crashing waves and take in the mesmerizing views of the sparkling Old City.

Dining on the Adriatic Sea with a view of the Old Town

Time-lapse view of Old Town

Southern view looking toward Montenegro

One of the many very fancy yachts with a helicopter


One Response to “Dobrodošli to Croatia”

  1. Francisco Acosta Says:

    Sounds awesome!

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