I’ve lost my way

When we arrived in Venice last evening, we were greeted by beautiful and elegant waterways crisscrossing the island city. After an hour-long ferry ride, we eventually found our welcoming and cozy bed and breakfast. Minutes later, we set out on foot to see the city.

There are hundreds of small rivers, bridges and footpaths. Some rivers are big, lined with restaurants and patrons sitting at tables. Some paths are small, simply large enough to fit through with your shoulders slightly turned.

The fun started when we got lost. On the back alleys we saw countless gorgeous mansions built during the time of Marco Polo. Gondoliers adeptly navigated the small waterways while their musicians sang Venetian classics. It truly is a romantic city.

This morning and afternoon, we continued our random escapades but eventually made it to St. Mark’s Basilica. This opulent Byzantine structure built more than 1000 years ago is a sight to behold.

The Grand Canal at night

Me sitting in the window of our B&B watching the day go by

In front of St Mark's Basilica


One Response to “I’ve lost my way”

  1. Tim Z Falconer Says:

    Please use scientific notation for the numbers – I first read that St. Mark’s was 10^2, not 10^3 years old, and I thought “well, that must be the NEW St. Mark’s!”

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