The stars were aligned

I rarely eat at extremely fancy restaurants, especially Michelin 3-star establishments. However, for our honeymoon we decided to splurge and made reservations at Akelare, one of San Sebastian’s world renowned eateries. Yesterday, three waiters took us on a culinary journey through nine courses of delectable bites. I could never imagine dishes such as beef tendon tasting so good.

Around the third course of our meal, we started talking and joking around with people at the tables on either side of us. They were both young couples, one from England and the other from the Netherlands. The camaraderie made the meal even better.

As we were winding down, I looked around the room and noticed there were only six people dining without grey hair. Yes, all the young ones were grouped together. Surprisingly, we all had great fortune to be sat by the window with the best view of the ocean and sunset.

After finishing, we planned to meet again in a less formal setting. Tonight we reunited at a tapas bar and had a great time.

During our feast

White beans over a sponge cake made from olives, peppers and onions

Hanging out the night after in a tapas bar


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