Late night crowd

Things start late here in Spain. When making a dinner reservation yesterday, I asked for an “early” spot. The host said, “Certainly, I’ll put you in for 9:00pm.”

When we arrived at the restaurant we were the second couple seated. The first were Canadians! Around 10:30-11:00 the locals started flooding in.

We have adjusted well to these new customs…..and for only one reason. During this season, in this part of the world, the sun sets extremely late. At 10:00pm the sun is as bright as it was at 5:00pm in the Congo. The natural illumination gives us the feeling of starting our night earlier rather than later.

There is no flash on this picture and the clock behind is ready to strike 10pm!

One Response to “Late night crowd”

  1. Mercy/Kique Says:

    FELICIDADES to both of you! You are both Angels fo the poor and I know that your lives together is heavenly blessed by God. May your future bring you many children and happiness, Su amiga Mercy

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