Our bus left for Fajardo early this morning and many of us slept on the way. At 9:30am we boarded a nice 62 foot party catamaran and sailed toward the horizon. There was a well stocked bar and fairly good lunches and snacks.

Around noon, we pulled up to a beautiful island. A few people walked along the beach and many others put on snorkeling gear and swam around the reef. Around 1:30pm, we sailed to another nearby reef and the biodiversity was much more impressive. I was very happy with the wide range of underwater wildlife we saw (including an octopus).

At 3:30 we arrived back on land and headed to the hotel.

After a few hours of rest, it was time……Yes, my brother planned a bachelor party. We had an amazing experience. A group of 15 people (including my good friend Melissa) all piled on a private bus and headed into Old San Juan for a tapas dinner.

During the meal we had a session called “Toasts Inappropriate for a Wedding Reception.” It was funny! My childhood friends had stories of me being wild, crazy and sometimes stupid that blew the minds of my friends from medical school or residency. They saw a side of me that I have kept hidden for many years. In some ways it was refreshing to “come clean”.

After dinner we headed to a local bar in the second floor of an old building. As we ordered the first drink, we had a nice surprise. The bachelorette party sauntered by on the street below so we yelled down from the balcony. They came up to visit for about 45 minutes. It was nice to mix the groups.

Around midnight, we split-up and the boys (with Melissa) headed over to a local casino. Nearly everyone played blackjack or craps and most won. At one point, six of us occupied the entire blackjack table and all of us were on a winning streak. The cheers and high-fives were amusing everyone around.

Near 2am, we loaded back on the bus and cruised back home.


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