A fun packed day

I woke-up at the break of dawn this morning because I was excited for our hike in the rain forest of El Yunque. Just before 8am, I went to the Enterprise Car Rental office to pick-up the three minivans I had confirmed just days before. Unfortunately, when I asked the desk clerk about our reservation, she went pale and said “We don’t have your cars available. Not even one. I am sorry.”

For the next hour, my brother and I scrambled around and found a minivan and two SUVs. At 9:30, twenty-eight people loaded in the vehicles and drove out to the trail heads. Lisa lead a group on a beautiful one hour walk following a river and I lead others on a four hour trek to the top of Mount Yunque.

After my group finished the hike at 2:30, everyone wanted to swim in the river. We walked thirty minutes from the road and took a dip in a beautiful pool at the base of a powerful waterfall. We laughed as the force of the water threw us around like tiny ragdolls. At one point, a large group of us swam under the falls and found a safe haven between the rocks and the water. It would have been difficult to do it alone, but with a group effort, it was easy.

After our swim we headed back to the hotel for a happy hour in our suite. By 6pm there was little space available in our living room or balcony and people seemed to be having fun.

At 7:15pm we all headed to a local sushi dinner. The food and conversation was great. The only down side was that a large, heavy vase fell from atop the bar and crashed to the floor. It narrowly missed one of our guests and would have done significant damage. A fifty pound object falling from 10 feet is a scary scene.

After dinner a few friends and I drove the rental cars back to the office. As we were walking home, we had a great idea. Why walk home in the heat and humidity when the ocean is so near. We all jumped off the bridge over the bay (only 10-15 feet high) and swam back to the hotel.

Afterwards a small group of people met on our balcony and we talked about the good old days until late in the evening.

It was a great way to end an eventful day.

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