Before you know it

Yesterday I returned to the United States and visited New York City for the first time in many years. Within hours of my arrival, I met two great friends from medical school for dinner. They both looked the same but deep down, things were very different.

It seems like just yesterday we were cutting class to play basketball or go to a Yankees game, sitting in the study hall laughing hysterically at the dumbest things just to pass the time or spending late night hours at the local pub trying to see who could chug a beer the fastest.

Now they are both surgeons, one specializing in ophthalmology and the other trauma, and they are married with children. We are more mature with a focus on career and family.

I realize we are now adults trying to make a difference in this world, but there is a small part of me that misses the good old days when we were just kids in medical school.

Matt, me and Tony

One Response to “Before you know it”

  1. Stephen Menzel Says:

    Or kids in Junior High and High School that played pickup games of hoop or knock out. I miss them days old friend. Stan.

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