On the horizon

The next few months will bring about some major life changes. First of all, I am getting married on June 24 to the woman of my dreams. Second, I have accepted a new full-time position with Children’s Hospital Boston, Harvard Medical School and Partners in Health. I will spend six months a year in Haiti teaching local doctors and then six months a year in Boston seeing patients and teaching students at the medical school.

Over the next two months I will continue to write about my non-medical travels, wedding and honeymoon. Then in late July, I will return to writing about my medical work, this time in the rural areas of Haiti.


2 Responses to “On the horizon”

  1. mercie246@yahoo.com Says:

    Congratulations Chris, if anyone deserves these blessings you do. I know that Boston’s Childrens hospital and Haiti will be very fortunate to have you.
    I always name you in my participation at UCSF Family Advisory Council with regards to best practices about medical bedside manners. I use our example about how you saw my son in at the ER and followed us on a one to one for many years. Again, Congratulations on your upcoming wedding. Que Dios los Bendiga y que tengan muchos muchos ninos.

  2. Stephen Menzel Says:

    So proud of you my friend. Keep up the great work, Look forward to seeing you in P.R. Going to give you a big hug. Stan.

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