It’s a miracle!

Many of my blogs tend to be doom and gloom. Fortunately, there are miraculous and uplifting stories as well.

Last October a tiny, premature infant was delivered outside of the hospital. The child was so small that the family and community thought there was no chance of survival and they decided to bring her to the hospital to die.

When I first saw the patient and noted that the weight was under 900 grams, I was not optimistic. I told the mother “I have never seen a child this size survive in Africa.”

But the child survived the night……and then the next night….and then the next.

Every morning I arrived in the neonatal intensive care unit, I was surprised to see her alive.

When I returned to Goma this week, I received a wonderful surprise. The mother walked in the door carrying a beautiful six month old girl that was completely normal! The child that I once felt had no chance of survival was sitting on my lap laughing and playfing.

Two happy campers

Our little miracle baby


One Response to “It’s a miracle!”

  1. Francisco Acosta Says:

    Congrats buddy! I am sorry I have not had to a chance to catch up. But great story to get back on track. Thanks for keeping up on your logs.

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