Employee of the month!

I have a young cameraman. If you remember from last year, he is fairly reckless. He was involved in two crashes and was robbed while walking around at 3AM.

This time I was required to hire him because he is the only person that can find the patients I am following for the documentary. For the first few days he was relatively good but on the fourth day, he arrived two hours late. When he walked into my hotel room, he was staggering drunk and belligerent.

I sent him home to sleep and recover. Since, he has been late to every meeting or has not gone on planned assignments.

As we were winding down the shooting, he said, “Where are you going to take me out for dinner to celebrate finishing?”

I smiled and responded, “Your work does not merit a bonus. You are lucky I am going to pay you the full salary.”

He was upset.


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