A compromising position

I have a 24 hour shift at the hospital every third day. In other words, between each of my shifts two other doctors are working with and caring for each of the patients.

Unfortunately, we have very different styles of practicing medicine and we have all showed some frustration with each other.

I tend to wean patients off ventilators rapidly. If a slightly premature infant is eating well, I like to increase their feeds quickly. If we are not using a patient’s IV, I ask the nurses to take it out. If a blood culture comes back positive for bacteria likely from the skin only and the patient appears well, I do not give antibiotics.

Some view me as too aggressive with ventilator weaning and infant feeding. They may not understand why I would purposely take out a perfectly good IV or why would I not treat all positive blood cultures.

If I had my choice, I would prefer to work 7-14 days in a row and have sole responsibility of my patients. However, this is not possible and we must all compromise to harmoniously work together.


One Response to “A compromising position”

  1. mercie Says:

    Hi Chris, I am your devout follower of your blog and I feel very proud to have had you as my sons doctor. We pray for your safety and hope that things are going well for you. I was asked to participate on a panel before sixty nurses to discuss patient care for children and adults. I feel the discussion was a success! I share your blog with your friends at UCSF ad all my friends on FB. Keep up the good work and Happy Easter from Enrique and myself!

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