Retake please

My second patient of the day was an adorable eight year-old girl with cough for one week that was not improving. After taking a quick listen to her lungs, I diagnosed her with an asthma attack.

As I was writing my prescription, I said to the girl and her father, “before you leave, I would like to discuss your weight.” She was extremely obese and, when looking at her growth chart, there were no signs that her weight gain would slow down.

Before I could finish my sentence, her eyes filled with tears and her lips quivered. I had unintentionally made her very upset.

For the next 15 minutes I tried to undue my damage. Finally, with the offer of a sticker, her tears stopped and she smiled.

In the future, I will not avoid the subject of childhood obesity but I will approach it differently next time.


One Response to “Retake please”

  1. Tim Z Falconer Says:

    Chris, this is just the kind of story that has inspired me to start my own blog. That is, I’ve been blogging for years, but never did more than a few posts a year. Thank you.

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