Welcoming atmosphere

Unfortunately the hospital in Saipan is understaffed. There are only two pediatricians to cover the inpatient and outpatient departments. They are in need of help.

On the first day that I arrived, the recruitment began. The human resources personnel were very sweet and begged me to stay. One person said, “I heard you want to live on the beach. We will find a place for you. If we don’t, one of my cousins lives directly on the sand. I will kick him out so you can have the place.”

Also, each day at least one doctor and a few nurses ask me to sign a year-long contract. They always say, “You just need to sign on the dotted line”.

Yesterday, I gave a lecture and was told 7-10 people would be there. When I started, there were more than 35 in attendance and everyone seemed interested and excited.

Not only is Saipan physically beautiful, everyone is extremely nice and welcoming.


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