Today started out as a good day in the outpatient clinic. There were many very nice families and some interesting clinical presentations. I saw pneumonias, strep throats, swollen lymph nodes, broken bones and a few well-child exams.

As my day was winding down, a shy eight year-old girl presented with a sore throat. She had fever and obviously did not feel well. Despite her pain, she engaged in conversation and smiled a few times.

As I was finishing up, the mother said, “I just want to talk about the stuff down there. Since the incident, she is still having problems”. The mother saw that I looked confused, so she elaborated.

A man recently raped and sodomized her daughter and she now has fecal incontinence and genital warts.

When the mother finished telling the story, I tried to speak but all that could come out was, “Wha……….um……Whe……..uhhh……oh…….That is horrible. I am so sorry.”


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