You don’t say

I often start my days in the nursery examining the healthy newborns. As I was making my way through the assembly line of crying babies, a heard a soft knock at the door. When I opened the door, a tall, thin young Chinese man stood nervously with a sheet of white paper held tightly in his hand.

He said, “Can I talk with you?  I think my baby is sick.”

He then described in wonderful detail how his child sneezed and passed gas. He then stated that, “He cries but then stops after we feed him. Is that OK?”

I reassured him that his child was normal and he seemed relieved.

Twenty minutes later, as I was walking toward the intensive care unit, I came across the father pacing in the hallway. He did not want to disturb me, but “needed to talk.”

He then produced a small video camera and said “my son just sneezed twice, not just once. I have it on film!”

As we talked through normal newborn behavior, he said “Thank you. This is my first child.”


One Response to “You don’t say”

  1. ginger Says:

    I remember this, doc:)

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