Words I thought I would never say

I like it cold. When sleeping, I like to keep the temperature in the low 60’s. During winters in Boston or New York, I left the windows open to get fresh, crisp air. Bundling up to keep warm is always a better option than having to sweat it out.

When I first walked into the hospital here in Saipan, I was relieved that the entire hospital was air conditioned. There would be no drenched shirts on rounds or sweat streaming off my forehead and dribbling on my patients below.

Now that I have been here a few weeks, my view has changed. I cringe when I walk through the hospital door. It is breathtakingly cold everywhere. It is 85 degrees outside and I wear a sweater and walk around the hospital with a blanket wrapped around my shoulders. It is too cold!

I asked some of the nurses and they said the temperature was unusually low but they had not been told why. For now it will remain a mystery.

On the other hand, if I am griping about the air conditioning and not mass murders, gang rapes or kids dying from starvation, things must be going pretty well.


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