A little redemption

When I walked into the ICU this morning, I was surprised to find the infant from the other night still alive. Miraculously, his oxygen levels were fantastic and his blood pressure was normal. We were still breathing for him and giving medication for his heart, but he was stable.

As I walked into the room, the father turned away from me and said nothing. His wife politely smiled and said “good morning”, but was then silent. I did an exam on their child and left the room.

As I was closing the door, the respiratory therapist approached me and put his hand on my shoulder. He said, “I know it’s hard that the parents are mad at you for intubating their child. But you should know that everyone here, all of the nurses and respiratory therapists, are well aware that you saved that kid’s life. He would be dead if you were not here.”

It was a very nice way to start the day.


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