Food for thought

There is nothing like sitting down for a hearty dinner with a bottle of wine and good friends or family. The most trying day can be ameliorated with a good meal.

In Nimba County I have had no such experience. Many meals have consisted of me huddled under my mosquito net alone eating potato chips, peanuts and sipping a warm soda. Sometimes, I have a pasta dish with butter and garlic, but it is rushed and unaccompanied.

In my younger days, I would be having a great time. At this point in my life, I would rather be eating a more well-balanced meal and sharing the experience with someone else.


One Response to “Food for thought”

  1. Kathleen Says:

    If it is any solace, your blog is so vivid that it is like sharing a bit of the experience with you, just not in real-time. I would guess that many of your blog readers may feel the same, as you can take us from our comfortable living room couches into the back of a taxi or into a hospital or sitting down with you while you are having a meal. Surely, this is not a substitute for live interaction for you, but I can say that the stories you share adds enrichment to my life and others and provides a window to peek into yours, but perhaps you are craving more windows of others to peek in yourself.

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