Valentine’s Day

February 14th has always been a day of mixed feelings. Most associate it with love, cards, smiles, hugs and romance.

My family spends the afternoon at the cemetery honoring my uncle who was killed in a tragic car accident at the age of 19. For us, today is about remembering a love.


3 Responses to “Valentine’s Day”

  1. Khattab McIntosh Says:

    Just stopping through to catch up on your adventures Chris. Fitting I’m doing so on Valentines Day. Your a man of your work and your work is spreading love in different forms. God bless and be well. Hope to cross paths with you soon friend.


  2. Jane B. Somerville Says:

    Hi Chris, your soon to be father-in-law sent me your blog because I too spent time in Liberia. We were upcountry at Cuttington Univ. College where my husband taught on a Fulbright Lectureship and I taught at the campus school. Although our Fulbright leader told us that Liberia was the armpit of the world, we had a marvelous time and made great friendship that are to this day alive and well. We were there when the first rebellion took place and were home by the time Samuel Doe took over. I meet the new President while we there and knew she was destined for good things. I do so hope that she has brought some progess to Liberia and peace. Let me know how you fare. Jane

    • chriscarpentermd Says:

      Hi Jane,

      It is very nice to meet you. I drive past your old stomping grounds very frequently. That is a very nice university.

      I think Liberia has made progress and it is very peaceful. Probably much different than when you left. There are two sushi restaurants!

      I would love to share some stories with you when we visit NC next.

      Take care,


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