Futile or not

Over the past two months, I described two strong, courageous patients; Musafiri and Maua. Musafiri was diagnosed with leukemia and transported to Uganda for chemotherapy. Maua had heart disease and was transported to Sudan for surgery. Last week, I learned that they both died. Musafiri developed an infection and severe anemia, and Maua died from liver failure after her surgery.

I have been thinking about them constantly for the past few days. My friends, the Rodgers, gave a significant amount of money to fund Musafiri’s treatment and I spent a large portion of my savings to get Maua to Sudan. The end result was that both patients died in a foreign land and away from family.

My only solace is that both families were overwhelming grateful for the support and they knew we did everything in our power to save their loved one’s life.


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