An unsurprising ending

Just before leaving Goma, I had my videographer, Sly, take one last trip north to film one of our patients. I gave him money for a car and driver.

Hours later I received a frantic message: he had an automobile crash. The car rolled multiple times and it was severely damaged. Sly was wearing his seatbelt and was not injured.

Immediately after the crash, Sly called his father, a regional police officer, for help. His father sped north to sort things out. On his way, he lost control of his vehicle, it turned multiple times, and crashed into a group of children. One was killed instantly and another severely injured.

Immediately, people began to look to me for compensation. A lawyer from the hospital jumped into action, and within hours, it was determined that both drivers were acting extremely irresponsibly and Sly had tried to save his money by not hiring a driver.

On my last night I thought I was going to be celebrating a great five months in the DRC. Rather, I was scrambling around with a lawyer and police until the late evening.


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