Updates since October 7th

On October 10th and 11th, I told you about a patient given a medication overdose by one of our young doctors. Two days after transferring him to Kigali, he died. The parents hired a lawyer to sue the hospital for malpractice but the case was settled out of court. The sum was amazingly small.

On October 26th, I told you about a woman that I shocked to restore her heart rhythm. In the following days, she began showering blood clots to her legs (Just as the reader commented). After one week, we had her blood thinned to a sufficient level and her symptoms resolved. However, we discovered she has a severe problem with one of her heart valves and we are trying to raise money for surgery.

On November 2nd, 5th and 8th, I told you about Dorkas. I had originally thought she had tuberculosis but she did not improve, so we did a biopsy on one of her lymph nodes. While I was in Kampala, I was informed that she died of respiratory failure. Just one hour later the biopsy results returned. She had lymphoma.

On November 6th, I described a child abandoned by his parents. We tried to locate them on many occasions. Two weeks after his initial surgery, the patient died. Alone.

On November 7th, we learned that Lydie had a severe type of meningitis and was in a coma. She survived! Joanna still has a wonderful, dedicated mother.


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