Working through the nerves

Over the past 14 months, I have participated in or supervised countless “codes”. Children or neonates present with problems breathing and/or no heart rate and we try to bring them back to life.

By now these situations have become second nature. Well, that is until today.

At 8AM, I was notified that one of our pediatric residents, Dr. Denise, was going to deliver her baby prematurely. This is a woman that I have spent 7 months training and she feels like family. I was now expected to “ensure that her child survives”.

When the baby was delivered to neonatology, my first words were “Oh no”. He was tiny, blue and had no respiratory effort. My nerves started kicking in. I felt my heart racing, sweat formed on my brow and I stated to breathe quickly.

The infant’s initially oxygen saturations were below 50%, but we worked together as a team and had him stabilized within 20 minutes.


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