Oh, nurse please

There is a phrase in medicine stating that “behind every good doctor is a great nurse”. This phrase rang true today.

My interpreter called stating that a child in neonatology was very ill. The nurse had to run to the pharmacy and was not available.

When I arrived, I found a febrile, tachycardic (high heart rate), hypoxic (low oxygen level), sick appearing infant with seizures. Under normal circumstances I would monitor the patient and start giving orders:

“Start oxygen, get an IV, check a glucose level, give medicine, give fluids, draw labs”.

This was not a normal situation, though. I had to do everything myself.

I started the oxygen easily but there were no IV catheters, the glucometer was missing and we were out of medicine. The only thing I could do was place the child on a monitor, ensure he was not dying and call for back-up.

Soon after, the nursing team arrived and I was able to step back into my normal role.

Within minutes the nurses procured all of the needed supplies and we stabilized the patient.


One Response to “Oh, nurse please”

  1. Francisco Acosta Says:

    Great team…Happy Thanksgiving Chris!!

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