The wall will likely stand on its own

Recently we had triplet premature babies born and I happened to be the only doctor around. They were delivered in rapid succession from maternity and all were floppy and blue.

Two nurses and I did the resuscitations. I was trying to elevate the saturation of the infant I was caring for and helping the nurses with their patients. In the middle of the mild, controlled hysteria, I noticed that another senior doctor at HEAL entered into the neonatology room and was leaning on the wall, watching us struggle to keep the children alive.

At one point he said “It has been one minute, we need APGAR scores”.

I was silent but looked up and smiled. Not a happy smile……. but one of “are you kidding me!”

A few seconds later, he asked again “So what are the APGAR scores? We need to tell the maternity team what the scores are.”

I took a deep breath and said “If we bring these kids back to life, I will let them know what the scores are. Right now, I am more worried about them not breathing and being blue”.

He said “OK, thank you” and walked away.

One hour later, we tucked all three infants into a crib with oxygen, antibiotics and IV fluids. They were finally stable and, yes, we gave them their APGAR scores.


One Response to “The wall will likely stand on its own”

  1. Francisco Acosta Says:

    You should of slap him on the back of the head…….and said “You should of had a V-8?”

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