Strictly speaking

I have been told “I am only being hard on you because I care about you” numerous times. The phrase has been uttered by my parents, grandparents, teachers, mentors and coaches. Each time I heard those words, I usually rolled my eyes and thought “yeah, sure you do”.

Since coming to the DR Congo, I have turned into that person I mocked as a child. I have set very high expectations for the nurses, residents and students, and when they fail to perform, I openly display my disappointment.

However, when I sat down this week to analyze my actions, I realized that I am very strict and hard on a select group of people.

And yes, it is the ones I respect and care about the most.


One Response to “Strictly speaking”

  1. Francisco Acosta Says:

    High expectactions of others will results in above average results from below average people!

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