What a difference a day makes

When we brought Musafiri to the hospital in Uganda, the care was initially atrocious. I was afraid he was going to die without any proper treatment.

Early Monday morning, we went to the hospital and discovered that not much had changed with his care. Still nothing was being done!

I immediately went to the cancer center and tried to register him. A very unpleasant man in the admitting department told me it was impossible to admit him without a bone marrow biopsy. “You must come back only when you have those results in your hand”, he demanded.

The catch was that his platelets were far too low for the procedure and the only place he could get a quick platelet transfusion was…… at the cancer center.

I left admitting, was extremely frustrated and went straight to the cancer ward. I spoke with a very nice nurse and she directed me to a competent medical resident on the oncology team.

I started to pull some tricks. I gave myself a very fancy title and intentionally used medical oncology terms that he would not understand. At the end of my spiel, I said “this is why he needs to be admitted here. Please help me facilitate this as quickly as possible.”

Within minutes, Musafiri had a chart and was directed to the lab for a blood draw. Soon after, he was given a bed, started on fluids and antibiotics, and given platelets.

I feel bad with the way I handled the situation. I was somewhat deceitful and forceful with the oncology team and they were only extremely pleasant with me.

However, if Musafiri does well, I think I will get over the guilt pretty quickly.


One Response to “What a difference a day makes”

  1. Daniel Ranch Says:

    no need to feel guilty about trying to save a life, buddy

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