Going pro

As a young child I had dreams of being an elite athlete. I fantasized about fame, riches and seeing new places. Unfortunately, as I progressed through school, I realized that superior coordination is not my best attribute. As I aged, I successively eliminated sports from my future.

At seven I left soccer for baseball. At ten I left baseball for football. At 13 I left football for basketball. At 20 I left basketball for rugby. At 21, I quit all organized sports.

Now finally at the ripe age of 34 years, I have found something sport-like that I can do relatively well. I am unsure what to call it, but here goes:

From a deep sleep, I can wake-up, put clothes on, run out my door, awkwardly sprint down a 200 yard alley with dirt piles and puddles, burst through the gate at HEAL Africa, run to neonatology, put on a pair of gloves and intubate a neonate. All in less than three minutes.

I don’t think I will get any endorsements for this new sport, but it is still pretty fun.


2 Responses to “Going pro”

  1. mercy monroy Says:

    My Doc, you are the best of the best in your career as a doctor. You receive the Gold Medal of Honor from our family you did miracles for us. Love you always, your friend forever Mercy and Kique

  2. Francisco Acosta Says:

    In my eyes, you are a superstar for all you do! Not to mentioned if you were back in the bay area, I will pick you up for our recreational basketball league. I know those knees and back still has three-four season in them. Come on Mini-Lebron sign with us???? 🙂

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